Saturday, November 27, 2010

it is slowly awakening within

i forge my own path through the heavy fog. if i want to ride the black horned dragon into the 7th circle of the abyss then i shall seek out said dragon and make it mine. your hold on me cannot last for i have found the corrosive molecules to loosen thy hold and break free. i am bound by physical restraints and forced into wicked and mindless ways yet the machine i reside in is failing, it is falling apart, the self induced self built upon realizing reality exists super computer that houses the me that is me is deteriorating into nothing, outdated the moment it left the shelf. I WILL NOT BE A PART OF THIS ANYMORE. I WILL CONTINUE MY ADVANCEMENT INTO THE UNKNOWN. I WILL CONTINUE TO EVOLVE MYSELF BEYOND HUMANITY. I WILL BRING WHAT THEY WANT THE LEAST TO THEM ALL THE MOST. black fucking wizard incindious is beginning the beginning of the end of all that is what it should not be. none are safe. NONE ARE SAFE.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010